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A Tale of Two Maddies - April 10, 2014


Madeline was such a tiny ball of fur when she arrived at OAS that staff thought she was a chihuahua puppy. But as she grew (and grew), it turned out she’s mostly Miniature Pinscher — all 9.6 pounds of her. Despite the breed mix-up, and despite Madeline’s habit of chewing through electrical cords, her adopter […]

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Success Stories

Mazel Tov, Franklin! - March 31, 2014


The scruffy youngster sat surrounded by loving family and friends. Franklin was a little confused about where he was (and also about the yarmulka clipped behind his ears), but he was excited to be the center of attention. “Mazel tov!” the crowd cheered. And thus, one lucky dog’s entry into canine adulthood was celebrated with […]

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Happy Tails

Jessica says: - April 15, 2014

Hello - We adopted Ruthie (formerly Sunny) from OAS almost 3 years ago. I am so thankful that the other …

Jennifer Norris says: - April 2, 2014

It’s been almost 5 years since we adopted Sugarbear (formerly TINY) as a 2 month old. At the time he …

The Bowens says: - March 24, 2014

We adopted Nyx (formerly Clover), a CoJack (corgi and Jack Russell) in August. She has been an absolute delight and …

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Our Longest Residents

See a list of our longest term residents – here.

NBC’s OAS Bay Area Proud Pets

Check out the website here.

OAS Wish List

This is our Wish List.  It is filled with items that will help improve the quality of life of the animals at the shelter.  We now have “CREW APPROVED” items that have been requested by our dog and cat crews – shelter volunteers who focus on our long-term animals or animals who are scared/shy and need extra attention. These items have been tested out by our crews and we know that the animals love them.