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Thank you Maddies Fund


Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days, May 30-31 - May 13, 2015


Thinking of adopting a new family member soon? Would it sweeten the pot if you could adopt for free? Join Oakland Animal Services the weekend of May 30-31 for Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days, a nationwide adoption event to place our cats and dogs into qualified homes. The goal this year is to find great homes […]

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Success Stories

Help Abandoned Kittens at OAS - May 7, 2015


Is California’s severe drought behind the uptick in abandoned kittens? We may never know the true reason. But what we do know is that Oakland Animal Services is experiencing more than a 30% increase in abandoned, underaged kittens at the shelter this year compared to the same time last year. If you […]

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Happy Tails

Myles says: - May 2, 2015

I adopted Myra (formerly Lychee) last summer! She has blossomed so much and the two of us are super bonded. …

Paige says: - April 10, 2015

In March I adopted Misty the cat. She is an older kitty. She is simply a wonderful pet. She stays …

Pat Miller says: - January 27, 2015

Remember Me? "Fast Eddie" I was adopted from the shelter 2/24/13 (#14622) I have grown into a large (and I …

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OAS Vision

Download OAS Director Rebecca Katz’s roadmap for the shelter: OAS Plans and Vision

Our Longest Residents

See a list of our longest term residents – here.

NBC’s OAS Bay Area Proud Pets

Check out the website here.

OAS Wish List

This is our Wish List.  It is filled with items that will help improve the quality of life of the animals at the shelter.  We now have “CREW APPROVED” items that have been requested by our dog and cat crews – shelter volunteers who focus on our long-term animals or animals who are scared/shy and need extra attention. These items have been tested out by our crews and we know that the animals love them.