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Man Charged with Two Felony Counts of Animal Abuse

The Alameda County District Attorney’s office charged Charles Black with two felony counts of animal abuse.  Black is accused of beating a dog on June 30, 2009 and again on February 19, 2010.  Both instances were captured on video by concerned neighbors and submitted it to the Oakland Police Department.

On 19 February 2010, neighbors witnessed a man beating a dog with an ax on the balcony of an apartment on E. 17th St. The suspect, later identified as Charles Black, was yelling at the dog and striking him with the ax causing the dog to scream in pain. The witnesses videotaped the scene and called the police. OPD and Oakland Housing Authority made entry into the apartment and, after a struggle, arrested Charles Black. Police collected a bloodied ax and crowbar from the apartment. They transported the dog, an approximately 2 year old, male pit bull mix to a veterinary clinic and then to Oakland Animal Services. The dog suffered from contusions, several lacerations and intense fear of people.

The dog, apparently named “Blueberry”, is being housed in a quiet room at Oakland Animal Services to recover. He is learning to trust people and even to play ball. OAS is working to find an adopter for “Blueberry”.  This person will need be experienced with dogs and be willing to work to increase “Blueberry’s” confidence.

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