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Out of Crates into the World


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The Oakland Police Department’s Oakland Animal Services and Gang/Drugs Intelligence Task Force served a search warrant on December 9, 2010 in the 500 block of Capistrano Drive for an animal cruelty investigation. The search warrant resulted in the rescue of 33 large-breed dogs, most of whom had been housed in crates stacked on top of one another inside the home. Many of the dogs were in poor condition and were suffering from the effects of long-term neglect and confinement.

As a result of this investigation, the owner of the dogs, Arthey Yancey, was charged with felony animal cruelty.


The number of dogs rescued as a result of this investigation caused the shelter to be filled to capacity. Oakland Animal Services is working on sending some dogs to Oregon and South Dakota. The East Bay SPCA assisted and took three of the rescued dogs into their program.

Dennis: BeforeIMG_0606

Dennis: After
Dennis is headed to Sioux Empire Pit Rescue in South Dakota.
SaraAtkinsPhoto_110117_IMG_6912SaraAtkinsPhoto_110117_IMG_6944Photo by

Joni: Before

Joni: After
Joni is headed to Oregon to Family Dogs New Life Shelter. SaraAtkinsPhoto_110117_IMG_7180Photo by

Edna: Before
Edna is apparently 12 years old.  She is covered in scars, and she adores people.

Edna: After
Edna is headed to Oregon to Family Dogs New Life Shelter
SaraAtkinsPhoto_110117_IMG_7126SaraAtkinsPhoto_110117_IMG_7131Photo by

Fifi: Before

Fifi: After
Fifi had trouble walking at first when she was removed from her crate.  Her legs were cramped and she was unsteady walking.  Fifi now loves to run and play.  Fifi was taken into East Bay SPCA’s adoption program. SaraAtkinsPhoto_110118_IMG_7213SaraAtkinsPhoto_110118_IMG_7238SaraAtkinsPhoto_110118_IMG_7273SaraAtkinsPhoto_110118_IMG_7249Photo by

Amarylis: After
Amarylis is about 1.5 years old and completely deaf.  When she was rescued, her coat was literally yellow from sitting in her own urine.  She is now a happy dog who loves life, and will soon be heading to Sioux Empire Pit Rescue in South Dakota.

SaraAtkinsPhoto_110117_IMG_7030Photo by

Shy Boy: After
Shy Boy was taken into EBSPCA’s adoption program!
SaraAtkinsPhoto_110118_IMG_7320Photo by

Doodle Bug, Zoomie, and Old Solda will also be heading to Family Dogs New Life Shelter. Goofy, a 1-2 year old dog, will be going to Sioux Empire Pit Rescue in South Dakota.

Thank you to Sara Atkins for all of her beautiful “After” photos!

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