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Dog Training Classes

We offer a twice monthly basic obedience classes for adopters of OAS dogs, adopters of dogs from a shelter or rescue group, and OAS volunteers working with OAS dogs. Dogs must be 6 months or older and be spayed or neutered. You need a city of Oakland dog license for your dog if you are an Oakland resident. We have a limit of 15 dogs or fewer and classes run for about an hour. The classes are free, though we do appreciate donations. Dogs must have a regular flat collar, and you must bring a regular 4 to 6 foot leash.

Classes are held at Oakland Animal Services at 1101 29th Ave on our front lawn.



These group classes are perfect for learning basic obedience in a social setting—these classes are for adolescent (6 months +) and adult dogs with no prior training. This class will reinforce good behaviors while extinguishing unwanted ones. Learn and review basic obedience. Important social skills will also be introduced.

Some basic commands we cover include:
• Sit: The dog is in a sitting position.
• Down: A dog is typically down when its elbows (front feet) and hocks (rear legs) are touching the ground or floor.
• Heel: The dog’s head or shoulder is parallel to the handler’s leg on the left side of the handler.
• Come or Here (referred to as the recall): “Call your dog” equals “come” or “here.”
• Stay: The dog must remain in the position (sit, down, stand) and location under which the command was given until it is released by the handler.

If you would like to book a training session please use the link below to see available dates:

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Thank you to Alex Sanchez, ABCDT, of Pawsitively Dog Training, for volunteering her time and offering these classes as a thank you for adopting. With help from OAS volunteer Steve La Chapelle, they make the class a successful one.


There is time after each class to socialize and ask behavior/training questions.




For more dog training information, check out Best Friends Animal Society’s online dog training resources.