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Barking Dogs

It is against the law to allow any animal to disturb the peace and comfort of others OMC. 6.04.310. And excessive and annoying noises are prohibited (OMC 8.18.010).

If you are an Oakland resident and are being disturbed by a barking dog, it is important to try to speak to the owner of the dog. In many cases, the dog owner has no idea their dog is barking and will be willing to find solutions to address the problem.

If this does not work, call 510.535.5602 with your complaint. Please note that you must include the exact address of the location of the barking dog. We will send a letter from the Police Department to the owner of the dog to explain the law and advise them that they must take steps to remediate the problem. If the problem continues, we can send an animal control officer to the address. However, the officer must hear the dog barking continuously for 10 minutes or more to take action. If this is not possible, then you and one of your neighbors that is an occupant of a separate housing or commercial unit may certify that you have both experienced such period of noise, and then the officer can issue a citation.